Surrender Pet

We accept surrenders

We are able to take in private surrenders. We are a small, private, donation-driven rescue run by volunteers who house the rescue in a private home. We are a donation-driven 501 (c)(3) rescue. PLEASE NOTE: If you adopted your Guinea Pig(s) from Our Rescue, and you need to return them, please contact us!   We are committed to each and every animal we adopted out and always take them back, often quickly, if needed. For standard surrender requests please use the form below.


While the needs of each animal in our care differ, it costs an average of more than $100 to care for each pet who enters our shelter. While our surrender fees likely won’t cover the full cost of care for your pet, they will help provide us with the necessary resources to keep your pet safe and healthy while we search for a new, loving family.

Please consider donating to help our organization.

Surrender Request Form