Become a Foster Parent

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster home with Oregon Guinea Pig Rescue! Please read the foster information below and fill out an application. Please provide as much information as possible and the form must be filled out entirely.

Your Responsibilities

As a foster parent, you would temporarily or permanently take an animal into your home and provide adequate care for the animal. 

Most of the animals will be coming from our “surrender” homes. We ask that you be patient with them and try to help them transition to a new environment because it is all happening so fast for them. You can tell us the size, type, age, etc. and we will try to match you to your preference.

There guarantee on how long an animal will be with you, but we do everything within our power to get the animal into a permanent home. On average our fosters that don’t adopt usually have their guinea pigs for about 6-12 months.  This does vary on many factors though.  Once you’re finished fostering we will list the piggies on our website. 

Fostering Commitment

We ask that you truly think about fostering before you decide to foster. Most of the time, almost 100%, when we bring in an animal to a foster home, we have NO OTHER place to put it.

Please keep in mind that it will take us some time to find another foster home. We do require that you give us 72 hours to find a new foster unless there is a life-threatening issue.  We ask that you give your fostered guinea pigs time to adjust in your home, regardless of behavior. Guinea Pigs are completely adrenal coming off transports and need just a quiet, calm environment, love, and perhaps a large space to relax after the stressful transport and show their true personality. Further, it’s important that you are willing to commit to each foster for at least two months. Guinea pigs often find homes before that much time elapses, but it’s important that, barring certain pressing circumstances, you are committed to providing a stable and nurturing environment to a guinea pig who may never have experienced this in his life. If you need to travel, please make arrangements with us. We have a limited number of resources available at various times. Because we are a small, hands-on, boutique rescue, we need to tap into many of our limited resources whenever a foster situation doesn’t work. Inevitably sometimes a foster placement doesn’t work and is challenging, so we all work as a team to optimize everyone’s experience; you are never stuck. We don’t just want the guinea pigs to grow from their foster experience, we want our foster families to as well!

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What does it mean to foster for Oregon Guinea Pigs Rescue?

Being a foster parent means you are caring for, loving on, and housing a guinea pig in need. We work with local and out of state shelters to bring guinea pigs into foster care and you choose which guinea pig you want to foster, as long as we approve your requests(which we normally do unless reason not to) 

What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

During your time as a foster parent with Oregon Guinea Pigs Rescue, you are responsible for taking your foster to all of their veterinarian appointments and administering medications and follow-up care (even though we will give extremely healthy guinea pigs). You’re also responsible for caring for your guinea pigs (with love, walks, and attention) while they are in your care. You are also can rehome the piggies to suitable adoptees and adopters yourself. 

What does the rescue provide?

Oregon Guinea Pigs will allocate resources such as cages, water bottles, and a complete setup. We will supply you with pet beds, food, pee pads, blankets, and whatever you may need for your new fostered guinea pig(s).

How long do guinea pigs stay in my home?

The foster period does vary on the guinea pig(s) you are fostering and at the time. On average each foster period lasts a few months.  Sometimes if it is a slow season (travel season) it can take a bit longer. 

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

Pet Transports

We frequently transfer guinea pigs from different foster homes, because we don’t want to house both genders in the same household. While we could use volunteers to help us drive from other cities and donate their time, it still costs on average $25 per guinea pig just to transport them throughout their time in Oregon Guinea Pigs Rescue. This covers the gas for our volunteers, rental van (if it’s a larger transport) crates, potty pads, slip leads, etc. If you would like to contribute to helping our guinea pigs find a forever family, we would be beyond grateful.

Contribute to Oregon Guinea Pigs

Our piggies are where our hearts lie, but they do cost us a good amount of money. If you would like to help us, we know the piggies and their fosters would be eternally grateful. Each month they need food, potty pads, vet checks, etc. We currently have a hospice home that racks up a good amount of medical bills from checkups to surgeries to make sure they are as comfortable and healthy as possible.