Adoption Application

Thank you for your adoption request – We have so many piggies looking for their forever homes – Please read the following

All foster homes are located throughout Oregon. You will be notified very shortly after your submission, and the foster home will reach out to you with information regarding pickup, and transaction. The overall process is relatively simple and quick. If you are interested in Cages with all the accessories included, please be sure to mention that to the Foster home and they will help supply you with what is needed. All proceeds go back to our non-profit. Lastly, we really would appreciate any contributions because we are a small donation-driven rescue run by volunteers who house the rescue in a private home.

Before you decide to try and adopt, please consider the time, effort, and funds (estimated at $400-800 or more annually for food, supplies, and veterinary care) necessary to properly maintain an animal. Responsible pet ownership requires a commitment to provide care and companionship for the life of the animal. The decision to adopt is an important cause. Please take a few moments to carefully read and complete this application.

Adoption Application Form